What our partners and their guests are saying about ileftmystuff!

“I just wanted to touch base and let you know we have used the program more than once now with great success. Thank you so much. It has become an easier process for us!”
John Abraham, Front Desk Manager
Chattanooga Courtyard
“I have worked for hotels for 20 years in sales and had no idea this service was available! It was so easy and affordable. I was very pleased with how easy this process was.”
Lisa Boynton
Sonesta Hotels
“I just wanted to say thank you for offering such an amazing service. I stay at many hotels and have, for years, lost items and just considered them gone forever. This week, I left an expensive item at a Marriott hotel. When I phoned them, I was skeptical that I would be able to retrieve my item. They provided me with your website and their hotel code. I made my request on Monday and received my item on Wednesday. Amazing! Thank you for solving a problem I wasn't aware had been solved.”
Chris S.
“I used your service for the first time. I am so often disappointed in products and services today, but your service worked better than I ever could have expected. Great app, great service.”
Thomas D.
“I am writing to say how excited I am to see someone doing what you do. I have travelled virtually every week for business since 1994 (except during Covid)—5 million airline miles. I have left my fair share of items in hotel rooms. Most of the time, it was a lost cause, and items went into the housekeeping black hole. When I could locate items, managing return logistics was ALWAYS very difficult. I've always, with great frustration, believed that this problem was infinitely solvable. When the item is found, HK knows the room number, the room can be linked to the address and contact info, and from there, it's pretty straightforward to manage logistics. One full-time employee per hotel would build customers for life and pay for themselves. I stayed at Bellyard in Atlanta earlier in the week. This morning, I got an astounding email that I had left an item behind. The items I left were worth about $1200, and I didn’t even realize I had left them yet. To be reminded by the hotel, through your service, and then to set up logistics so easily… magic! And after so many years of envisioning this service and seeing it for the first time! I'm tickled - and vindicated - and telling everyone I know!”
Kevin Smith
Bellyard, West Midtown Atlanta
“It was excellent! This was my first experience, the first time I heard of it. The website was so easy and user-friendly, I received support email throughout the process to inform me of what was happening from contacting the hotel, confirmation of my item found, confirmation of shipment, and tracking number. I could not have been more pleased with this professional and efficient service. Thank you so very much!”
Daniella Kyriakides
Renaissance Hotel, Portsmouth VA
“Great business! The hotel contracted with you guys, and I got my stuff the next day, which was awesome because they didn’t connect with you until the end of the working day. Great to know you are here. I am telling my husband about you guys, as he owns hotels.”
Heather Wolf
Balboa Bay Resort
“Thanks very much for sending my old jacket home to me. I received it this afternoon. I know it’s just an old beat-up jacket, but I’ve had it for over 30 years. It’s been around the US, from China to France, and a few places in between, so it has some sentimental value. This is the first time I’ve left it behind anywhere. I appreciate your service in returning the items left behind and the people at the hotel who also helped.”
Gerald S.
Hilton Garden Inn, Prescott, AZ
“The team at ileftmystuff! was beyond amazing, with constant updates sent to me. The bag was safely packed and sealed well by the hotel staff. Your company has protected a travelling experience that could have been a disaster into a memorable trip even with a mishap. The process instructions were quickly followed, and the arrival date was exactly as stated. You will see many of us again soon. The customer service from your associates was stellar!”
Marcia Q.
Hampton Inn & Suites Palm Desert, Palm Desert, CA
“Easy ordering process and extremely fast shipping using UPS ground. I received my package the very next day!”
Happy Guest
“Your service is customer focused, efficient and keeps the customer informed throughout the delivery process from pick up at the hotel to arrival at our home.”
Joseph Yelo
Hampton Inn and Suites, Waterboro, SC
“The staff at the hotel were professional, polite and empathetic with me when I called to advise that I'd left behind my item. They followed up promptly the next day to advise that my item had been found, and shipping instructions were sent to my email. Once I completed the email and paid for shipping, I received an email confirming. Later that day, a tracking number was sent. I received my item within three days. THANK YOU.”
David S. Bright
Hilton Vancouver Downtown
“Incredibly easy process. My mom got her stuff back in less than a week. The price was affordable and I'm very pleased with the whole experience.”
Diana Kaminski
Best Western North Phoenix
“I'm not a tech person, so I dread doing anything on the web. But, this was super easy. They going my item within 5 minutes on Sunday and I had my item in hand on Wednesday. Fantastic.”
Karen Kerr
Hyatt Regency Sacramento
“Very easy, quick, and kept up to date with the progress of the situation. Very impressed and glad somebody turned their lemons into lemonade and helped me out. Thanks”
Happy Guest
Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland
“I am very happy you provide this service. I received all my missing items in a timely manner and had choices on delivery options.”
Happy Guest
Homewood Suites French Quarter
“About ten minutes after I emailed support with an issue, a customer service person called me and walked me through the process. I cannot remember his name, but I was VERY IMPRESSED by his kindness, patience and efficiency in helping me get my cape back.”
Michal Hilling
Hotel Provincial, New Orleans, LA
“This was my first time using ileftmystuff, and I was very impressed with how easy it was to manage the website and receive my belongings so quickly. I definitely recommend this website for those who tend to leave things behind.”
Happy Guest
TownePlace Suites, West Kelowna, BC
“I was skeptical at first, but I was shocked when my doorbell rang, and the UPS driver was there with my box of "stuff" on the same day that I got the latest of several emails updating me on returning my belongings. Whoever came up with this idea of a business is brilliant and kind! g”
Happy Guest
Marriott Riverfront Savannah, GA
“The website was easy to navigate. The website had good options for shipping and what I would consider as good prices.”
Happy Guest
“I left a jacket, I got an email, I called the desk at the hotel and got the email sent to me, and I looked at costs. A new one was over $100. To mail was $20. SO I had it shipped and got it today, a week later. Perfect.”
Dana Weisbrot
Courtyard Historic District, Charleston, SC
“Outstanding. Extremely efficient. The support team was amazing. They responded promptly to my emails. It was easy to follow their instructions on how to get my item back. Hotel chains that do not utilize “ileftmystuff” don’t know what kind of superior service they are missing. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this company.”
Maria M.
Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville, TN
“I wanted to thank everyone involved in returning my son's Penguin to him. See, you may see it as a penguin, but to a child with Dysautonomia who spends more time in hospitals and ERs, that’s his buddy. He’s been in the OR with him and comes along every time he needs iv treatments. There was no living without him, not as he’s declining and losing more ability to be normal. Thank you again. I’m not going to lie. Paying $32 to send a 1lb stuffie back was painful, but I’m grateful he’s back and grateful my son can sleep without crying tonight. Thank you again.”
Michele, Erik, and Peso the Penguin
Staybridge Suites, Charlottesville, VA
“I am very happy because the process was easy, and I got my coat back faster than expected. I just want to thank everyone who helped me, I really appreciate the professionalism and support.”
Eric H.
Doubletree Orlando Airport
“This was the first time someone contacted me to let me know before I realized I had left something behind. The process was easy; the payment was easy, and shipping was fast. I was contacted on Tuesday, filled out the online form on Wednesday and received my item on Thursday—that’s efficiency! Excellent service from you and your team. I would highly recommend ileftmystuff to anyone in the hospitality industry!”
Dottie B.
Caribe West B, Gulf Shores, AL
“This was absolutely the easiest process we have dealt with in a very long time. It was super easy and super-efficient. The communication was over the top. We knew everything was under control, and we would get our stuff back. Your communication process should be taught to all groups claiming they understand customer service. And there was a surprise -- we had realized we had forgotten another piece of clothing until it appeared in the bag. We are very grateful and willing to sing your praises. As someone who handled student and faculty benefit and payroll problems for many years at a major university, I know GREAT customer service when I encounter it. Thank you!”
Nancy C.
The Inn at Saint Mary's, Southbend, IN
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to locate my stuff and follow up to ensure that I received it. I cannot thank you, the ileftmystuff team, and the entire staff at Avenue Plaza for a wonderful visit and your great assistance in locating my keys. What a fantastic process you have created to help people like me! ”
Carlos W.
Avenue Plaza, New Orleans, LA
“I didn’t even know I had left the item until I was notified. It was so easy to use this service, and the package was waiting at my door on the day I returned. Very happy this service exists. I would have never thought it was this easy to get an item back that was left in another country. ”
Mike L.
Worldmark Victoria, BC
“I have never had a hotel be concerned about what I have left behind. I felt like a valued customer by Hyatt using this service. It was easy to use and kept good communication via email on my progress.”

Hyatt Guest
“Wyndham called to tell us that I had left a container with my hearing aids and that they could ship them to us. My wife set it up, and they were here the next day. Beautiful.”

Wyndham Guest
“Thank you so much for providing this service. I just completed the order process to have both items sent back to me. I really appreciate your staff finding these items for my daughter and sending them back to us. ”
Jason Kempton
Home2 Suites by Hilton Raleigh North, Raleigh, NC
“The experience was 1st class. Called up the hotel, they found the equipment and took care of me!”
Andrew Bennett
Marriott Bethesda Downtown
“I called the hotel and told them I had left some books. They went and checked and called me right back. They sent me the link, I quickly opened and submitted it, and my books were shipped and delivered within three days.”
Happy Guest
Embassy Suites Philadelphia Valley Forge, PA
“I am shocked how easy the whole process was from start to finish. Thank you!”
Jean Reilly
Delta Hotel Waterloo, ON
“Unfortunately, I leave stuff ALL the time in hotel rooms. The value of the two items (clothing) was pretty expensive, so I was really upset when I realized they were still hanging in the closet. The hotel staff was very familiar with the service; they walked me through how it would work, and everything was as expected!”
Shannon Roberts
Hyatt Regency DFW
“This is a great tool. I just entered my stuff, but I wanted to say WOW, you guys are great, and I wish you much success. I'll be sure to ask if a property I intend to visit offers ileftmystuff. Thanks again!”
Marquise A.
Marriott Savannah Riverfront, Savannah, GA
“Thank you! I love staying at the Holiday Inn when I travel for work to Newport News. This is why!”
Julie N.
Holiday Inn Newport News Hampton - an IHG Hotel, Newport News, VA
“I was pleasantly surprised to find an email waiting for me, letting me know the cleaning lady had found my things. I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to pay to have them returned or even if it would be worth the money. Your prices were reasonable, and I decided I would rather have my sandals back than get new ones! You also kept me posted all along the way regarding the shipment of the package. Thank you—excellent service!”
“It was found, and I picked it up. You guys were amazing. Well done and much appreciated! Wonderful guest service. We were highly impressed and will be back again. :)”
Alicia H.
Kimpton Everly Hotel, Los Angeles CA
“Thank you for the follow-up. This morning, I received a very nice call from the hotel, prompted by your outreach. They related the same information, and I received a confirmation email. I appreciate your help and am glad for the gracious service from both you and the Courtyard team.
Molly L.
Courtyard by Marriott, Little Rock, AK
“ileftmystuff! has revolutionized how we manage lost and found. It saves time and significantly improves security and traceability. The positive feedback from guests indicates they greatly appreciate the simplified process. The ileftmystuff! team has exceeded expectations supporting both hotel staff and our guests. I strongly encourage everyone to consider moving to ileftmystuff!”
Greg Pezzo, Dir of Safety & Security
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, TN
“Lost and found has always been a problem area and can cause guest service issues. We started using ileftmystuff! to streamline the lost and found process. It has removed a lot of work, and we have seen positive feedback on TripAdvisor and other third-party websites. ileftmystuff! is a great tool that is easy and convenient for both our guests and the hotel.”
Jaime Mixton, AGM
Hyatt Place Mystic, CT
“Thank you all for making it an easy process to return items to our guests. Not long ago, I was driving to FedEx, filling out forms, tracking down the guest for their credit card, etc. I can’t tell you how much time this website saves me every week.”
Leyla Karacan, GM
Courtyard by Marriott Charlotte Waverly, Charlotte, NC
“I have taken your company with me to a few places now. You all have this together, and it is SO SIMPLE! I love it and will continue to take it wherever I go. Thank you all so very much for this product. You are doing a great job.”
Jill Sparks, Executive Housekeeper
Folly's Best Rentals, Folly Beach, SC
“We are happy to say that we will be rolling out this amazing program within the next week. We are excited to launch this program with our staff.”
C. Rogers
Marriott Memphis East, Memphis, TN
“I am delighted with the ileftmystuff option and services. This is a fantastic and easy option for guests. I hope all hotels will consider adding this to their services. I work with attorneys who travel for business and occasionally leave items behind. Support staff spends valuable time locating hotel information, attempting to reach guest services, explaining what was left, coordinating the safe return of said items and following up. ileftmystuff made this process a breeze, and I could not be happier. Thank you for creating such an excellent and easy service.”
Tania S.
Radisson, Santa Maria, CA
“This was the best experience I have ever had when leaving something in a hotel room and the first time I have ever received something back. I stay in a hotel at least one or two times a month and, over my life, I have never received back a lost item. I was so grateful for this service as two items precious to my daughter were among the things returned. It was not only a cost saving to get them back, but it made us all so happy. Thank you.”
The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler, BC
“Left my leather satchel by mistake at the Hyatt in Vancouver on Sunday. Got it all back today courtesy of ileftmystuff! They picked it up on Monday morning and it arrived today. Great service. I heartily recommend them.”
John Smith
Hyatt Regency Vancouver
“We absolutely love using Ileftmystuff! Brilliant idea for hoteliers! ”
Melina Webb, Director of Sales
SpringHill Suites Dallas NW Highway at Stemmons/I35E
“Easy to use website. The hotel gave me the web address. My item arrived two days later. Thanks so much. I hope I won't need you in the future, but it is comforting to know you exist. Thank you!!”
Mary Trujillo
Hilton Palm Springs
“Great service. I left my shoes in a hotel 4 hours away, and within two days, the shoes were at my doorstep.”
Comfort Inn, Peterborough, ON
“I left my wedding ring, so I was anxious to get it back. It was handled professionally and quickly. Thank you!”
Homewood Suites
“Best service ever invented thank you!!!!”
Aaron Clark
Orlando World Center
“I just wanted to say thank you. I received my shirt today. It didn't cost much but I bought it in Italy for my birthday two months ago. I know I wouldn't be able to replace it for a while. What a great service! I've been telling everyone about it. Thanks again! 👍”
Richard Sanchez
Hyatt Regency Boston
“Thanks for your welcome call! I heard about this service from another hotel that uses your website to help guests with their items. I’m so impressed by how easy and fast it was to register. Also, the convenience is outstanding for the hotel. Thank you!”
Araceli Gonzalez, General Manager
Home2 Suites El Campo, TX
“I received my Amazon Kindle from Home2 Suites just now. Thanks to your help, I got it back in a short time. I’m very happy with your service and will leave a good review on your website.”
D Nguyen
Home2 Suites New Brunswick
“I am beyond grateful! Mostly I am blown away by how incredible this service is. Everything down to the shipping was easy to coordinate. Really makes me love technology. Thanks for all your support!!”
Beth B.
Harrison Hot Springs Resort
“Thank you to the Hilton team at Corvallis! I am so grateful that my bag arrived today with all its contents. This is truly outstanding service. On arrival, we felt a warm welcome, our room was immaculate, but this was above and beyond!”
Valerie M.
Hilton Garden Inn Corvallis
“It has been a pleasure bringing the company on board here in Weaverville. The staff love the easiness of ileftmystuff, and our guests are happy with the process.”
Marty Bush, GM
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Asheville Weaverville

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