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Packaging Guidelines

Create a lasting impression

The last thing your guests will remember about their lost-and-found experience is the joy of getting their stuff back. Packaging the item well allows you to create a lasting impression that reflects you and your brand.

1. Choose a box.

All items, including luggage, must be packaged in a sturdy, single-wall corrugated box with 200-lbs-per-square-inch burst strength or the equivalent. Never use an envelope or padded envelope to ship a guest's lost-and-found item.


2. Cushion the item.

Wrap each item separately with bubble wrap. Use lots of cushioning. Each item should be surrounded by at least two inches of material and placed a minimum of two inches away from the box walls.

3. Seal the package.

Use three layers of strong shipping tape to seal all openings. Do not use string or over-wrap.


4. Remove old labels.

If you use a recycled box, remove any old labels, bar codes, and other shipment markings. Never use a box with hazardous materials or dangerous goods symbols.

5. Attach the new label.

Place the label in a UPS shipping pouch or tape it to the box using clear plastic shipping tape over the entire label. (Avoid placing the label over a seam or box closure or on top of the box-sealing tape.) If the package is being shipped internationally, be sure to print and include the customs documents in the shipping pouch behind the label. To order free shipping pouches, log in to your account and go to Tools > Order supplies.


4. Get a scan.

Secure the package until it is given to UPS. It's important to have the driver scan the label before leaving the property. Your guest's insurance coverage only takes effect when the tracking number is scanned into the UPS system.

Items prohibited for shipping:

  • Liquids and alcohol
  • Currency/money orders
  • Perishables
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Tobacco, marijuana, and vaping products

For a complete list of items, visit our Service Terms and Conditions

Please note that hotel partners accept full responsibility if an item is damaged during transit due to a failure to package the item adequately.

"My bag was safely packed and sealed well by the hotel staff. You protected a travelling experience that could have been a disaster into a memorable trip even with a mishap. You will see us again soon!”

Guest, Hampton Inn & Suites Palm Desert