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Our mission

ileftmystuff! was founded with a simple mission: to make lost and found easy for our partners and their guests. We combine user-friendly technology with exceptional customer support to ensure a better lost-and-found experience for everyone. We work hard to build relationships that promote growth and cooperation—all in the spirit of hospitality. We're committed to helping you save time so that you can save the day for your guests!

Our story

When Laina Mercer's shoes were accidentally left behind at a large hotel, Paul Mercer reached out, hoping to get them back. The hotel staff did their best to help. But after several phone calls, Paul (a veteran in the courier and logistics industry) finally offered to make the shipping arrangements himself. He emailed the shipping label to the hotel and scheduled a pickup. The staff gladly printed the label and handed the package to the courier. The shoes were delivered a few days later. And the rest, as they say, is history!

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Be a positive influence

We’re a team of hard-working, fun-loving individuals. We seek to empower others and to have a positive impact on the people we serve.

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Work with integrity

We don’t have all the answers, but we strive to exceed expectations and to work with integrity. We do our best—even when no one is watching.

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Build collaborative relationships

We work with our partners to solve problems. We communicate often. We celebrate accomplishments. We encourage one another when the going gets tough.


Our five-star team

We value our awesome team members—from our knowledgeable customer success team to our dedicated admin staff and tech-savvy IT professionals. Our employees are family. And we take pride in their ability to serve and uphold the values we bring to our partners and their guests.

We look forward to serving you and your team!