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Hotel/Lodging: General

Is your service/software application really free?

Yes! Our service and web-based software application are available free of charge to our business partners.

Can I use your service if my business is not a hotel?

Absolutely! If you need to return items left behind by your guests, patrons, clients or customers, we would love to partner with you.

Hotel/Lodging: System Implementation

Can we provide our team members with their own login credentials for our account?

Yes, each team member can be added as a user on your account with their own login credentials. This gives you better visibility and allows you to track how your team is handling returns.

Do you have anything to assist with implementing your service into our operations?

We do! Just reach out to our support team at We would love to send you a copy of our SOP or anything else you may need to move forward.

Do you provide onboarding training and support for our team?

Yes! You can access video training when logged in to your account. If you would like additional training for your team, please reach out to us.

Do you have packaging guidelines?

Absolutely! You can find our packaging guidelines here.

Guests: General

I left my stuff behind. How do I get it back?

If you haven’t already received an email to get your item back, click here to submit a lost item inquiry. If your item is located, you will be contacted with instructions on the return process.

Does ileftmystuff! maintain a copy of my credit card details?

All credit card processing is handled by PayPal. does not capture, transmit, or have access to any credit card details.

Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely! Your payment is processed and managed securely by an industry-leading PCI-compliant provider, and the credit card information is never shared.

How is my personal information kept secure and confidential?

Your personal information and security are of paramount importance to us. We do not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties except to facilitate delivering and performing services (e.g. technical auditors, order fulfillment operations). Any personal information is always transmitted using industry-leading encryption technology.

Do I have to provide packaging for the shipment?

No, the establishment where your item is located will package your item appropriately.

Can I ship more than one item at the same time?

If you have multiple items that can fit in one package, we can accommodate them. Please select the "Other" option when specifying "What type of item was left behind?". You must list all items that will be shipped in the "Describe the item that was left behind" field. 

Guests: Troubleshooting

If there is a problem with my shipment, who do I contact?

Please track your shipment using the tracking number provided to you by email. If the package is still in the care of the courier, contact the courier supplier directly. If you do not get the results you were hoping for, please contact us at

I have already submitted a lost Item inquiry. Why haven’t I heard back?

It may take a couple of days for the hotel/business to log all found items into their inventory; some lost and found teams work only on weekdays. If you haven’t received an email within two business days, please contact the hotel/business to follow up. Or, contact our support team, and we will forward your inquiry to their lost-and-found team for follow-up.

I received an email that my item wasn’t found, and I would like to follow up. How do I do that?

Sometimes, the item you seek has not yet been entered into the database. Many items are left behind at hotels, and it can sometimes take a few days or more for hotel staff to log items into their system. We will keep your inquiry active, and if your item is found, you will receive an email with instructions on the return process.

I received an email that my item wasn’t found, but someone at the hotel told me it was there. What should I do?

In some cases, it may be that the hotel/business does have your item, but it was not logged into their database, which triggered the email stating your item was not found. When an item is located, the staff at the hotel/business matches it in their database. Reach out to the hotel/business directly, or contact our support team and we will forward your inquiry along to their lost and found team and ask them to follow up with you.

I received the wrong item. What should I do?

We are very sorry you received the incorrect item. The hotel/business is responsible for packaging the items for shipping. Please get in touch with them directly to resolve this mistake. If you experience any difficulty with a satisfactory resolution, our support team would be pleased to assist.

What happens if my item is lost or damaged in transit?

The price of shipping includes loss coverage for up to $100. Additional loss coverage is available and will be offered for any item with a declared value exceeding $100. If your item is damaged during shipping, please get in touch with our support team at, and we will manage the process and ensure you are compensated in a timely manner.

I entered the incorrect address in the process. How do I correct it?

If the courier hasn't picked up the package, please contact the hotel/business and our support team to cancel the shipment. We will assist with initiating a new shipment. This is the most cost-effective solution.

If the package is already in transit, please contact our support team to assist with an address correction. UPS charges an additional fee for intercepting and correcting any address changes. They could also charge a fee if the package is no longer being shipped to the same geographic area.

There is a scan on my package that I don’t understand. Can you please explain?

Your package is scanned in various locations while it’s in transit. If you notice an exception scan that doesn’t seem right, please contact our support team, and we would be pleased to provide information and look into any problems. We make every effort to proactively contact our valued guests if there is an issue with a shipment.

Why has my shipment not arrived?

Please get in touch with our support team if you believe your package arrived late and would like us to address your concern. We are committed to providing excellent service and addressing concerns to your satisfaction.

Why are there no scans on my package?

If there is no tracking on your package, the hotel/business may not have provided your package to the driver at the scheduled pick-up time. Our support team will be pleased to assist with verifying this and scheduling a new pickup.

UPS is holding my package. How do I get more information?

In most cases, UPS has already provided us with the same notification that your package is being held. We are likely working with UPS to resolve this issue; however, if you have not heard from our support team that you're your package is being held, please get in touch with us.

Guests: Fees & Payments

How much will it cost to ship my item?

We are a full-service solution. Our pricing is based on the shipping address, package weight, dimensions, and service level you select. When your item is located, click on the "Ship my item back” link in the email you receive from us and enter the shipping details. When you click "Review order," you will be provided with shipping options and pricing for your address.

What payment options are available?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to process a payment, nor do you need to set one up.

Will customs fees be applied to my international shipment? Will anything be required for customs clearance?

You will provide a customs declaration when you initiate the shipment on our site. If the shipment contains personal belongings you left behind that you are importing back into your country, this is documented in the information we provide with your package to customs.

ileftmystuff! is the exporter of the package, and you are the importer. Some countries require additional information from you, as the importer of the package. The courier will contact you if additional information is needed to clear customs.

Depending on your country, you may be required to pay brokerage fees, duties, and/or taxes to import your items. If your returned item is a personal good, you may be eligible to have these charged duties and taxes refunded by your government agency.

Did my payment go through?

You will receive an email from us immediately after your payment is received. If you do not receive a payment confirmation email, rest assured that your payment was not accepted and try again. If you experience any problem with payment, please get in touch with our support team.

I am having trouble with my payment. What should I do?

If your payment has been declined, it may be that your financial institution blocked the payment. Please call your financial institution to authorize the payment. If you experience further problems, please contact our support team.

Guests: Other

I want to provide more information that could help locate my item. What should I do?

More information is always helpful! To provide additional information, click on the green “Edit Details” button in the confirmation email you received when you submitted your lost item report. On the following page, you can update the information. You will receive a notification when the hotel reviews it. If the hotel indicates your item is in their system, the message will provide instructions and a link to complete shipping information and payment. If your item isn’t located, your lost item report will be kept on file, and the hotel will notify you if your item is found.

I found my item. Do I need to notify you?

That’s great news! You can cancel your report by clicking the blue “Cancel Report” button in the confirmation email you received when you submitted your lost item report.

I already picked up my item. Is there anything else I should do?

Fantastic! If you received an email from us with instructions to have your item returned, click on the “I’ll pick up my item” button to avoid further emails.

What if my package arrives while I am not at home?

UPS may make subsequent delivery attempts if you are not home on the first delivery attempt. If a UPS Access Point is available, UPS may forward the package to the access point on the following business day for pick up.

Leaving a package unattended at a delivery location if you are not available is at the driver's sole discretion. In rare circumstances where a package is undeliverable, and we are made aware of this before it is returned, we will ask UPS to hold a package for five days at the nearest UPS Customer Center for pick up to avoid it being returned to the shipper.

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