Frequently Asked Questions - Businesses

Are you using at your business? Here’s a list of our most commonly asked questions.


Is the system really free?

That’s right. There is no cost to your business for using the system. The biggest benefit you can get from using is through shipping.

Can I use the system even if my business is not a hotel?

Absolutely! If you have a need to return items that have been left behind by your guests, patrons, clients or customers, we would love to partner with you to make it easier and faster to return those items.


Do we have the ability to provide our team with their own login credentials for our account?

Yes, we do provide the ability to give each of your staff their own login so they can access your business’s lost and found system. This gives you better visibility and tracking of how your team is handling the return guests' items.

Do you have anything that can help us implement your system into our operations?

We sure do! Just reach out to our support team at and we would love to send you a copy of our SOP or anything else you may need to move forward.

Do you provide training or support for implementing the system?

Yes! You can access video training within your profile. If you would like training for your team, please reach out to us and we can help you register for one of our live training webinars.

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